DinoX proposal/temperature check

1. Give us a description of your project.

Multiplayer Metaverse Game
DinoX is a combat and strategy game in a sandbox environment. A beloved gameplay genre blended with a fan-favorite theme of dinosaurs.

Players build dino kingdoms, rally resources to expand, build combative skills to occupy others, and due to the benefits of the metaverse, retain true ownership of the game.

Casual Gamers
Casual gaming exceeds professional gaming, and is comprised of a global multi-billion dollar market.

DinoX creates a familiar childhood theme of dinosaurs into an exciting and adventurous world. The game is playable without any crypto knowledge and is designed for casual gaming from the ground-up.

Crypto Investors
The metaverse is a fertile ground for speculation and investment in a new era of digital assets.

DinoX is pushing the metaverse forward by combining it with gaming, thereby making the massive micro-transaction market in gaming be a source of earnings to metaverse participants.

  1. Why is your project important or relevant to LaunchX?

DinoX is relevant because it would be one of the first projects launched on LaunchX and the first play-to-earn game launched on LaunchX, giving the LaunchX community early access to starting their dinosaur adventure and giving the option to start playing, and earning.

3. What are your tokenomics?

DinoX whitepaper – page 17/21.

4. Tell us about your team and what makes them all-stars.

Filip Tomaska – CEO and co-founder
Strategy analyst, business developer, project-economics architect and serial entrepreneur with several years of experience in the crypto space. Started in the startup world back when he was 17 and co-founded his first startup during high school. Filip has a significant track record in the sales and innovation space. He has been active as an entrepreneur for the past 7 years, engaging in several business endeavors. His primary industries of interest include energy and utilities, finance, blockchain, media and gaming. Filip is well connected in the crypto space. He has led and actively participated in fundraising mandates, exchange listings and project definition processes. He is also a partner at Metrix Capital – a crypto VC based in Dubai focused on investments into early-stage blockchain companies in DeFi, Gaming and NFT space.

Tomas Husar – CTO and co-founder
Tomas is a hands-on leader who enjoys solving problems and loves to think outside the box! He provides leadership in technology strategy and oversees technical product development. His background is filled with game development as he started to learn how to code and develop games at the 14 years of age. He previously worked for a couple of game studios and helped to develop several successful games. Since 2017 Tomas has been experimenting with blockchain and smart contracts and learning how to utilize the technology for developing blockchain games.

Sebastiaan van Asperen – Art Director
Artist, Art Director and Jack of Traits creative. He’s had the pleasure of working in game development for over 15 years on a diverse range of projects. Someone with a deep love for pixel-art going back to his childhood; DinoX is his dream project come true.
Although specializing in Mobile and Indie game development, the NFT Gaming space is where his next horizons lie.

Mário Kapusta – Tech Advisor

Ondrej Turza – Game design advisor

Gabriel Brockman – Game development advisory

Marian Kuruc – Game development advisory

5. Provide us with a brief description of your go-to-market strategy.

DinoX’s go to market strategy is based on giving players rewards as early as possible to drive engagement. The rewards are going to be mostly wrapped around dinos themselves and utilities for them. This way it can bring users into the ecosystem very easily as we emphasize the play-to-earn model.

After the public sale and launch of the project, DinoX will gradually bring in all the features of the game itself, the first being available during launch.

The first phase - the standard environment for dinos will be available, i.e. an Earth-like setting.

The second phase - new environments and “worlds” shall be added, such as an underwater world, sky world, martian world, etc. The development of future environments shall be influenced by the community through governance and popularity preference.

The team will be communicating with the community to receive feedback, inspiration and preference as to which game development aspect to explore further.

6. What is the product roadmap?

DinoX whitepaper – page 6/21

7. Where is the project at in terms of production milestones?

We have the first generation of dinos ready to be distributed to users and players who stake DNXC through our staking portal once we launch. We also have various special dinosaurs which will be sold and auctioned soon alongside with special in-game items, accessories, land, etc. With that, we have few features of the project ecosystem ready on day one for the public. The game itself is in full production and we are on the right track in comparison to the roadmap and planning with expected launch of the closed alpha version around the end of August / early September. As our dinosaurs will have skills and these skills are in the form of erc1155 tokens on Polygon, we have already prepared some of them too and our balancing team is making sure it will be fun using these skills and action cards in battles within the game. We are currently finishing staking, which will utilize some nice technical features and we will be announcing and explaining those soon too.

8. Links to socials

Website: https://dinox.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dinoxproject
Discord: DINOX
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @dinoxproject
Telegram Announcements: Telegram: Contact @dinoxannouncements
Medium: https://dinoxproject.medium.com


NFT based games are Trending right now so DinoX will be the right choice for the first IDO of Launchx!


Great selection. Congratulations to the team.


Im very interested but how are you going to separate yourself from axie who is the first/best in this space atm?


An interesting project :smiley:


This will be the great ido i think.


This will be a good start


Would be perfect for current trends. Dinosaurs always rule.


Will their be a marketplace to trade and sell dinos/nfts?


Seems like a trendy project. I am curious about your seed investors. Who are they ?


And if I understood it right, the first release of the token from the Team/Advisors is 6 months ?

Looking forward to playing your game


That’s a tough question to answer.
Obviously, Axie Infinity has a first mover advantage that they can build upon but we are here to innovate and introduce very fun gameplay alongside enhanced play to earn model which is also focused and designed in a sustainable way for long term growth.

Essentially, only time will tell which game do people like more but we will do everything we can to build a project that is successful in the long run.


Yes, we will have our own native market place to trade and auction various NFTs in a form of dinosaur eggs, dinosaurs, in-game items or other special items for DinoX World.


Our seed investors are Metrix Capital, Daomaker, Magnus Digital Assets.
You can read about all of our investors in this article:


Yes, that is correct, it is 25% released every 6 months following sale (4 transfers).
So there are no tokens for team or advisory for first 6 months after public sale.


Gaming is the next big thing in block chain I really look forward for a successful launch of DinoX


Thank you, I missed this info :slight_smile:


Any alpha/beta version to showcase the Game Mechanics?
How would you describe the differences between DinoX and Axie - (i.e. similar ideas around egg hatching, collecting resources, and battling)?
What would you say is your competitive edge?

My rationale for asking:
While Gaming NFTs are hot in the market right now - e.g. Axie (196X of launch) and FEAR (16X of launch), the Games have to be fun/interesting in the first place. In contrast, Blockchain Cuties (BCUG) with its poor game design - practically Neopets in the 1990-2000s, is only doing 0.41X of IDO price. The numbers don’t lie.

Axie Infinity AXS ICO (Token Sale) Review And AXS Token Analysis | CryptoRank.io (196X at time of writing)
Blockchain Cuties BCUG ICO (Token Sale) Review And BCUG Token Analysis | CryptoRank.io (0.41X ~)


The idea of DinoX is that we didn’t put the blockchain / crypto on the highest priority and instead we chose to get on board many senior and expert game designers in gaming industry to prepare as a fun, enjoyable and well-balanced game as possible. We will be showing in-game videos and we will release few introduction articles about the game in next few days so community can learn about mechanics and features step by step. “Hatching”, “Collecting resources”, and “Battling” are very general labels for features in the game and you can find them all over the gaming market even besides blockchain gaming market. In the end it comes to a specific implementation and designs of those features. We will differ in all of these aspects. For example, one of the strongest ones that will be different in every detail is the battling mechanic. But for this and for all other features just stay tuned for explanatory articles in the following days.


Interesting project, I will hold on this

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